These travelers have just gotten off the train in Denali Park, and are walking towards a waiting fleet of buses that will shuttle them to their hotels. You can see that backpacks are very handy and that nobody is wearing high heels.
Photo, Northcountry

smallcheckboxredbrown What To Bring

blankCheckBox Mosquito repellent & headnet

blankCheckBox Good pair of binoculars

blankCheckBox Medicines

blankCheckBox Camera & batteries, plug-in charger, extra flash card, extra lenses

blankCheckBox Cell phone for pictures (though it won't work as a phone in the Park)

blankCheckBox Cash for small purchases

blankCheckBox Bird, flower & wildlife books (there are several bookstores)

blankCheckBox Jacket & hat

blankCheckBox Fleece vest, sweater, fleece sweatshirt

blankCheckBox Rain jacket & rain pants for hiking

blankCheckBox Hiking boots, walking shoes & sneakers

blankCheckBox Good, tall socks

blankCheckBox Comfortable backpack

smallcheckboxredbrown What To Bring On The Bus

blankCheckBox Food, water & snacks

blankCheckBox Jacket & hat

blankCheckBox Rain gear

blankCheckBox Hiking boots

blankCheckBox Car seat for kids

blankCheckBox Camera & batteries, binoculars

blankCheckBox Comfortable backpack

blankCheckBox Mosquito repellent & headnet

blankCheckBox Neck rest

blankCheckBox Bike
What To Bring

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Bring comfortable & useful items.
Bikes are allowed on the road at Denali Park
Buses pick up passengers at the Denali Park railroad station.