smallcheckboxredbrown 1. Bring Food & Water
It’s a long trip. If you are on a green shuttle bus, buy something for lunch and take something to drink. Bring enough for the whole day. Local restaurants and shops sell box lunches. You’re allowed to bring a cooler on the shuttle bus if it fits under the seat.

smallcheckboxredbrown 2. Bring Camera, Batteries, Flash Cards & Binoculars
Remember to recharge your camera batteries the night before. If you forgot your binoculars, you can rent a pair at Riley Creek Mercantile and some local hotels. Have a pair for every member of your party.

smallcheckboxredbrown 3. Get Comfortable
Summer weather in Denali can be windy and wet. Bring a backpack with a light polar fleece jacket or sweater, a raincoat, extra socks, and a hat or cap. You should wear sturdy shoes, so you can get out and walk. There will be mosquitoes, so bring mosquito repellent and/or a headnet. Wear high socks and maybe some cotton gloves to keep insects from biting your vulnerable ankles and wrists. If you have these things, you’ll be more likely to get out of the bus and enjoy yourself. Some people bring little airplane pillows. If you have children, bring something along for them to do. You can pick up something at the Jr. Ranger’s section at the visitor center. Don't try a very long trip with children.

smallcheckboxredbrown 4. Kids Need Car Seats
You will not be let onto a park bus with a child under 40 pounds who does not have a car seat.

smallcheckboxredbrown 5. Rest Stops
There are bathrooms every hour or hour and a half along the road. If it’s been a while since you rode in a school bus, you’ll look forward to getting out and stretching.

smallcheckboxredbrown 6. Make A Reservation
If you don’t want to wait a day or more to make your reservations after you reach the park, arrange your trip before you arrive.
• Online:
• Phone: (1day ahead)
800-622-7275 (USA)
907-272-7275 (International)

smallcheckboxredbrown 7. Get Out & Walk
On the green shuttle buses, you can get off along the road, spend some time hiking, and catch another bus later in the day. When planning your hike, allow plenty of time to catch a ride back. The buses run often, but the first bus you flag down may be full.

smallcheckboxredbrown 8. Discovery Hikes
These are a great way to get off the bus and into the park. These ranger-guided hikes involve a bus ride and then a hike. You'll learn a lot and gain confidence so you can hike on the rest of your trip. Sign up at the visitor center. Hikes take 3 to 5 hours, not including the bus ride. This is a great park offering.
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