Denali Wildlife

The highlight of your visit.

Travelers from around the world come to this great park thinking that the mountain - Denali is its centerpiece. Then they discover that it's Denali's wildlife that makes this an exceptional experience. If you stay several days, you'll find that you begin to appreciate the quiet and the vast scenery. You'll also get better at spotting animals.

Denali's Wildlife
Visitors who take a hike to Horseshoe Lake in the entrance area of the park will get a thrill from seeing the beavers. They will also learn an important lesson – that an animal doesn't have to be big to play an important role in the ecosystem. Keep your eyes out for Denali's little animals as well as the "big five".

smallcheckboxredbrown Dinosaurs
The Park Service Fact Sheet states: "Thousands of trace fossils (tracks, footprints, or body prints) have been found since the first discovery in 2005, all dating from 65-100 million years ago."

smallcheckboxredbrown Bear Safety
You can learn about bear safety in the visitor centers. The rules you learn here will make you a better hiker in any wild place and in the rest of Alaska.

smallcheckboxredbrown The "Big Five"
Visitors to Denali National Park will want to see if they can complete this checklist.

smallcheckboxredbrown Predators & Prey
It’s a Fox-Eat-Pika world in Denali National Park. Every animal has a niche in the park food chain.

smallcheckboxredbrown Birds of Denali
Why are you more likely to see a golden eagle in Denali than a bald eagle?

smallcheckboxredbrown Mosquito Checklist
Everyone's mosquito checklist begins with that eternal question – "Why did God make 'em?"

Mosquito Coils

Mosquito coils are used throughout Alaska to keep mosquitoes at bay. Find out about them in our mosquito checklist. You don't want to let bugs ruin your Alaskan vacation. We give a list of things you can do to minimize the annoyance of bugs.
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Willow Ptarmigan at Denali by Buck Shreck

Worried About Bears?
Watch the bear video in the Denali Visitor Center, then talk to Rangers & check out our Bear Safety In Denali section.
Photo, Jimmy Tohill, Old Sourdough Studio - Denali