smallcheckboxredbrown 1. You Have To Take A Bus To Get Into The Park
The park bus system is designed to provide access to visitors who want to see remote areas of the park, who want access to campgrounds, or who are hiking in Denali National Park. A bus is the only way to travel beyond Savage River on the Park Road. The idea is to keep the wilderness wild and to let the animals wander freely.

smallcheckboxredbrown 2. Free Buses
In the entrance area of Denali National Park, the park service offers free buses between Riley Creek Campground and the visitor center and park headquarters. There are free park buses to the sled dog demonstrations and another free hourly bus to Savage River. There are also free local buses and vans to take you to hotels, local businesses, raft companies, restaurants, and adventure tours.

smallcheckboxredbrown 3. Green Denali Park Buses
Green Denali Park buses depart from the Denali Bus Depot. You pay a fee, depending on how far into the park you’ll be going. Bus rides last from 5 1/2 hours round-trip to 13 hours. You can get on and off these buses on a space-available basis. Shuttle buses don’t have formal narration and you have to bring your own food and water. Trips on the green shuttle buses are informal. Drivers will help you spot wildlife from the road and answer your questions. They also stop for wildlife viewing and the drivers provide informal commentary. Passengers can get off along the route, and then get on another passing bus. If you want a more formal guided tour, there are at least three types available.

smallcheckboxredbrown 4. Tour Buses
•The ‘Tundra Wilderness’ tour is a narrated ride that takes 6 to 8 hours. In peak season it goes to about Mile 53 in the park every day, leaving in the morning and afternoon.

•The ‘Natural History’ tour is shorter, lasting 4 to 5 hours, and going to Mile 17 on the Park Road. This tour makes several stops for cultural and interpretive programs. There are three general departure times a day. A snack or box lunch and hot beverage are provided on both tours.

•The ‘Kantishna Experience’ tour goes to the end of the road with an interpretive guide/driver and a park naturalist. Lunch, snacks and beverages are included in this 12 hour trip.

smallcheckboxredbrown 5. Camper Buses
The ‘camper bus’ is a green shuttle bus that takes campers back into the park either to tent campsites in campgrounds or for wilderness backpacking adventures. You can carry big packs, gear and even bikes into the park on a camper bus.
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