biggercheckboxred Avoid Encounters
smallcheckboxredbrown Make noise. Keep talking, even if you're alone.

smallcheckboxredbrown Don't hike alone. Forget the bear bells.

smallcheckboxredbrown Don't walk into thick brush. Stay visible – where you can see and be seen.

smallcheckboxredbrown If you see a bear, don't try to get closer.

smallcheckboxredbrown If you see a bear ahead of you, plan a different route.

smallcheckboxredbrown If you see a bear and it doesn't see you, keep quiet and get out of there.

smallcheckboxredbrown If you come across a dead moose or a big pile of fresh brush and dirt – leave.

smallcheckboxredbrown Keep your food in bear proof containers.

smallcheckboxredbrown Make camp while it is still light, so you can check out an area before you camp.

smallcheckboxredbrown If you see fresh bear sign, (tracks or scat), find another spot to set up your tent.

smallcheckboxredbrown Use a tent. It gives the bear something to sniff, other than you.

smallcheckboxredbrown Don't cook in your tent.

smallcheckboxredbrown Put your food away from your tent. Far away. Maybe up in a tree.

biggercheckboxred When A Bear Decides To Make You Their Business
smallcheckboxredbrown Don't run. Don't try to climb a tree.

smallcheckboxredbrown Get out your bear spray.

smallcheckboxredbrown Put on your backpack.

smallcheckboxredbrown Assess the situation - determine if things are likely to get out of hand.

a. How close are you?

b. Do you see cubs?

c. Do you see or smell a moose kill?

d. How is the bear acting?

smallcheckboxredbrown If the bear is standing up, just speak calmly (easier said than done.) Raise your arms, still holding the bear spray. Check how to get the safety off your bear spray. Tell the bear you were just leaving and back away. Bears can be pretty noisy, and sound really mad, but just hold your ground and let them talk all they want.

smallcheckboxredbrown If the bear starts coming for you - take the safety off your spray.

smallcheckboxredbrown If it is a grizzly – get ready to play dead, curled up, face down.

smallcheckboxredbrown If it is a black bear – get ready to fight. Pick up a stick.

smallcheckboxredbrown Don't pull the trigger of the bear spray too soon. It is a close range weapon.

smallcheckboxredbrown Hopefully the bear veers off into the brush at the last minute.
Don't bother to take a picture -– you'll remember this forever.
Grizzly Track Photo-Kevin Manning
Bear Proof food Container
Bear Safety In Denali Park

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